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£3,500 per million gallons is what most businesses currently pay for their water.
£32.50 per million gallons is what most borehole users pay.

For businesses and companies where regular, large quantities of water are needed to maintain grounds, premises and equipment a water borehole is a sound investment. 

Golf courses, hotels, leisure centres, stables, race courses, stately homes, garden centres, public parks, swimming pools, farms, agriculture and industry can all benefit from Spot On’s professional services.

Most of Spot On’s commercial customers make savings of up to 80% of their water costs and recoup their initial investment quickly. The only other costs are electricity costs for pumping and annual servicing charges. After that they enjoy a limitless supply of clean cheap water protected from hosepipe bans, meterage and increasing prices.

Planning permission for commercial holes may be required and this could take between 6-9 months so it is important to start planning ahead now. But once on site the drilling and pipe work can be completed within 10 – 15 days.

If you wish to have clean drinkable or ‘potable’ water we can provide filtration systems and pipe work for a domestic water supply.  Your business could draw up to 4,400 gallons a day without incurring any water bill charges.

Global warming is having and adverse effect on Britain's weather patterns. That means warmer winters and drier, hotter summers.
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