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Irrigation Services
For many of our commercial clients, specialised irrigation services can be used to distribute water over a large area. 

The many benefits to business include
  • A cheaper water supply with up to 80% savings on water bills.
  • A guaranteed regular supply.
  • No hosepipe bans.
  • No meterage.
  • No dramatic price increases.
  • No water shortages.
  • Reliable and professional services by Spot On’s engineers.
A golf course or garden nursery is good example of how boreholes plus irrigation services can be a sound investment for any business dependent on a regular supply of water for its continuing business.

An average sized course of 5 acres requires daily watering. An effective solution would be to use two boreholes and a simple irrigation system. One hole could be used to fill a small lake as well as two reservoirs. The water could then be pumped into the lake and then abstracted as necessary and distributed throughout the course.

The global warming and climate changes we are all experiencing will be a fact of life this year and for the foreseeable future. The only thing businesses can do to meet the challenge of limited water
resources is to guarantee their own supply.

Start planning this autumn and get ready for next year's heatwave. Planning permissions maybe
required so the earlier we get started the quicker you get your own water supply and independence from price hikes and hosepipe bans. See What's Involved
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What is a borehole?
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We can bore a hole for your garden water in about 2 days.
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