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Double glazing was once considered a luxury addition to a home and now is provided as standard protection from the elements.  The initial cost is recouped from reduced heating bills. Water boreholes ensure a viable water supply and reduced water bills whilst ensuring a beautiful garden and adding value to a property.

You can use a borehole simply for watering your garden and washing your car or filling your swimming pool. Or we can provide filtration and pipe work to ensure you have an endless supply of drinkable pure water for your domestic needs as well.

What will my garden look like after the borehole has been fitted?
Our boreholes are disguised by beautifully designed water pumps which will fit in perfectly with your green and blooming garden courtesy of Spot On.

“My garden has got so much water that we are surfing on it now!  There’s just so much water. I have a pump and sprinkler and it waters the garden. It is incredibly lush and green.  When people come round they can’t believe it and they say how nice it is to see a really green lawn. “ Mr Sweeney, Sunbury.

For other testimonials please see  Satisfied Customers

How much water can I get?
You can use up to 4,400 gallons a day without needing registration. A typical supply to Spot On customers would have the capacity for 25-30 litres a minute or 300-400 gallons an hour.

How do you get a drilling rig into my garden?
We have a special rig that is mounted on caterpillar tracks or crawlers and can access very small spaces and even through garden gates. For some gardens a larger rig may be required.

Can I use a borehole to provide a domestic indoor supply of drinkable water?
You can use up to 4,400 gallons a day per household by simply adding filtration services to your borehole. We will connect the necessary pipe work for an indoor supply following approval of samples sent for public water authority testing. We will provide you with clean, clear drinking or ‘potable’ water that is free from chlorine and fluoride.  And reduced water bills. Plus, it will help conserve the nation’s overall water supply and so is environmentally beneficial. For answers to all your questions please see FAQs.

Or send us your postcode and we will advise you free on your property’s potential for a water borehole.
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