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Drainage Problems - Flooded Bunkers and
Surface Lying Water on your Golf Course?
As a guide the following form can be used to identify areas that need attention and help obtain budget figures to carry out the drainage work.

In most case our experience and knowledge of the area (together with any notes you can provide) will be sufficient to provide a ‘ball park’ estimate for budget purposes.

If the estimate is within your budget plans we can then carry out a full survey and provide a final quote for the work, taking into account any special requirements such as early/late working to avoid disrupting play for members and stage by stage work/schedules if required.
Golf Course:
Contact No:
Number of bunkers that regularly flood and collect water
Greens and Surrounds
Number of greens that have areas that collect and hold water
Areas surrounding greens that collect and hold water
Number of fairway areas that collect and hold water
Other Areas
Number of tees and surrounds
Number of Paths and walkways that collect and hold water
General course - rough, semi rough etc
Additional notes