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1. The Thames water region receives less rainfall per person than Dallas, Rome or Istanbul (source: Thames Water). The south east of England has less water available than the Sudan or Syria. (source: Waterwise)

2. Thames Water has failed to meet its performance targets and has imposed a hosepipe ban on customers following a 20% price rise.

3. In London, one third of all the water that Thames pumps into its pipes seeps away before it gets to homes and businesses. (source: Daily Mail 22.06.06)

4. Global warming is having an adverse affect on Britain’s weather patterns.That means warmer winters and drier, hotter summers.

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5. Climate change reduces the amount of water available and increases customer demand particularly for garden use.

6. According to Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London and a member of the London Climate Change Partnership. London is likely to start seeing an increasing risk of flooding,higher temperatures and more demand on already limited water resources.
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7. We are using more water than ever before. Twenty years ago the average person used 140 litres a day, today the average is 163 litres a day and rising.
(source: Thames Water).

Over the past two years Britain has had some of the lowest recorded rainfall for over 100 years.


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