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8. There are over 3,000 miles of 150 year old pipes in the Thames Water area which need updating. 

9. Thames Water is losing 894 million litres a day, enough to fill 344 Olympic sized swimming pools.

10. At its current rate, it will take Thames Water 128 years to replace its decrepit pipe network. (source: Daily Mail 22.06.06)

11. There is currently a hosepipe ban in many areas with a £1,000 penalty. Drought orders may be applied for.

12. 8 water companies in the UK have banned their 13 million customers from using their hosepipes to wash their cars or water their gardens.

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Our boreholes are cleverly disguised by beautifully designed water pumps.

13. British temperatures in the heatwave week of July 17th  2006 have outstripped popular holiday destinations
including Athens, Bermuda, Rio de Janeiro and Rome.

14. The average combined water and sewerage
household charge this year is £295 or 81p a day.
(source: Consumer Council for Water 2006)
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