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1. Britain has large reserves of untapped water. There is 20 times more water stored in the upper 20 metres of the two main aquifers (underground water stores) than is held in all the surface reservoirs in the UK (source: UK Groundwater Forum)

2. Groundwater provides about one-third of public water supplies in England and Wales.

3. In most areas three times as much water is collected underground as is abstracted ensuring a plentiful supply for boreholes.

4. You can enjoy the same water pressure – approximately 2-4 bars  - as mains supplied water.

5. With added filtration services you can have an endless supply of clean water free of chlorine and fluoride.

6. Commercial users of boreholes can cut their
water bills by up to 80%.

In London, one third of all the water that Thames pumps into its pipes seeps away before it gets to homes and businesses.
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