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Most water companies use boreholes to draw water on their own property. Spot On can put a small borehole discreetly in your garden covered by an attractive pump. And the water you use will be free of charges.

You can be independent of hosepipe bans, price increases and poor service; plus help conserve the nation’s reserves of drinking water.  

Up to 4,400 gallons a day free!

The south east of England has less water available than the Sudan or Syria
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"Boreholes are an asset to your garden and can increase the value and appeal of your property"
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“The Great Bore – in a bid to beat the water crisis more and more Britons are turning to an answer as old as the hills…. A borehole in the garden.  ……… and you could soon save a fortune.” Paul Harris – The Daily Mail: April 8th 2006.

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