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Poor Drainage... we can help

Poor drainage can have many causes. A high seasonal water table will cause water to sit on or close to the surface during periods of high rainfall. Your soil structure might be heavy, causing reduced soil permeability and poor drainage. Low points in the ground can collect water and add to poor drainage. Walking on the poorly drained areas when it's wet just adds to the problem causing soil compaction... THE SOLUTION - VERTICAL DRAINAGE!

If you want a Garden, a Golf Course or Sports field that you can actually walk on after the rain without it turning into a mud bath, then you should talk to
SPOT ON about installing a VERTICAL DRAINAGE solution to your problems.

It’s FAST, EFFECTIVE and ECONOMICAL and we can install the system with absolute minimal disruption to your Garden, Sports Ground or Golf Course.

But don't just take our word for it -
check out what Gary Kenny,
course manager at
Ashford Manor Golf course

has to say about
Spot On and our
recent work at
the Golf Course

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