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What drips! Will no one crack down on these inept water firms

By EDWARD HEATHCOAT AMORY, Daily Mail 08:45am 22nd June 2006

Thames water is a bad advertisement for privatisation.

Yesterday, the monopoly supplier of water to Britain's capital city saw profits rise by 23 per cent. Meanwhile, it failed dismally to meet its performance targets and has imposed a hosepipe ban on customers who, last year, were hit with a 20 per cent price rise. READ FULL ARTICLE

Water tankers drafted in to cope with soaring heat
You can enjoy the same water pressure - approximately 2-4 bars - as mains supplied water.

By Daily Mail 18:06pm 18th July 2006

Water tankers have been drafted in to top up diminishing reservoirs as temperatures continue to climb towards 102f today.

As most of Britain prepares for what is expected to be the hottest day on record, water company Severn Trent has called in emergency supplies after households in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, were left without water overnight READ FULL ARTICLE

London learns from other cities on adapting to climate change
Girl With Hosepipe

Press Release - From the Mayor of London

The Mayor of London was today (Tuesday 18th July) launched a report examining how other world cities are adapting to climate change and which makes recommendations for action London can take. READ FULL ARTICLE

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