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How Long Does It Take To Bore A Hole For Commercial Use Or Where Water Filtration Is Used?

For more advanced borehole systems for commercial use or where filtration systems are required, the process will take approximately a month once planning permissions, if required, have been granted.

We bring our equipment and engineers to your location and they will spend 3-4 days on site drilling the hole. The hole is then left for two weeks to settle. Further testing follows and the fitting of the underground and overground pumps.

This is how it works:

Day 1
We will drill to a depth usually 40 metres or more and create a 12inch opening. We then put in an 8 inch liner and set that in concrete. We then drill until we cut through the first layer of the water bearing rock.

Day 2
The hole is drilled to a depth sufficient to supply water and where possible to cut through the aquifers to ensure its sustainability.

Day 3
We line the hole with a liner that conforms to the drinking water inspectorate standards and the bottom 10 metres are slotted to allow the water access to the inner pipe.

The hole is then left to settle for 2 weeks to allow any sediment to settle.

Day 17
We will insert a test pump at about 5 metres above the bottom of the borehole and do a  flow test and take a sample of the water for analysis.

Days 18 +
We then send a water sample away for testing for purity and once that is cleared we can establish the recovery rate of the borehole and put in the correct size and type of pump.

We can then fit an attractive water pump feature over the hole to enhance your soon to be refreshed garden, grounds or golf course.

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